This course will contain topic wise videos from basic to advance level.

First of all, I would like to thank sir for motivating us from time to time during this lockdown. I am really glad to be a part of IMPUTUS GURUKUL family. I feel myself lucky for choosing IMPETUS GURUKUL for MCA entrance preparation because here I got the environment where I can study in a better way. The faculties, Sharad sir and Prateek sir are awesome. Sharad sir’s teaching techniques are really unique. After joining the classroom course, I felt more confident and I started believing in myself that I crack NIMCET exam and can get good rank. During lockdown when all the physical classes were closed, at that time online class came out to be very helpful for all of us to continue our preparation. Thank you again sir for all your guidance and directions. You have taught us not only the right approach to study but have also taught us to be a good human.

- Jitendra Kumar | Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh

The way Sharad Sir teaches is wonderful. He works so hard for his students and also he is the best motivator. He solves complex problems with simplified concepts and short tricks in very less time. As time management is the most important factor in any Competitive exam. Prateek sir is also very hard working. As we know that it is a critical time because of COVID & Lockdown, but even during this period our classes and tests never stopped. Thank you sir for your motivation. I strongly believe that Impetus is one and only best coaching for NIMCET NDA and IIT JEE.

- Kajal Kumari | Patna , Bihar

I am very glad and satisfied for being a student of Impetus Gurukul. All the faculty members specially Sharad Sir are very hard working and their dedication towards their students is extremely good. During lockdown he never missed to take a single class. For everyday there are different things to do like topic-wise question papers, mock papers, revision, doubt session and much more. His hard working nature is an inspiration for me. Thank you Impetus Gurukul and team for everything.

- Umang Agarwal | Chandausi , Uttar Paradesh

I would like to thank Sharad sir and all other staff members for all the extra efforts that they have put in every student. Sharad sir has always encouraged us to face the challenges and this has helped us to become the person who we are. Sharad sir is not just our teacher, he is our friend, mentor and guide, all rolled into one person. We will always be grateful to him for his support and kindness. I am a class room student and at Impetus we were taught very nicely. Our entire time in coaching was spent only in studying. We are missing our coaching institute a lot during this lockdown.

- Anjali Gupta | Barhalganj (Gorakhpur) , Uttar Pradesh

Course ContentFAQFeatures
01. Set and Relation
SETS -1(Roster,SetBuilder&Types of Sets)  00:31:53 Preview
SETS -2(Venn Diagram,Laws of Alzebra&Demorgan's of sets)  00:26:23
SETS -3(Question based On Word Problems)  00:24:13
Relations -1(Oredered Pair & Cartesian Product of sets)  00:42:35
Relations -2(Some Exmp. video-1,domain,range& inverse of relation)  00:31:15
Relations -3(Practice Problems Domain & Range)  00:20:07
Relations and Functions -1  00:42:17
02. Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations class -1 ( Polynomial & Complex No)  01:01:18 Preview
Quadratic Equations class -2(Quadratic Eqn with real &Comp. Coff. )  00:23:13
Quadratic Equations class -3 (1-reduicble ,2-Trinomial & 3-Type 3 Form)  00:38:09
Quadratic Equations class -4(Quad Eqn Type-4,5,6,7 Form)  00:40:58
Quadratic Equations class -5 (Type-8,9 & Nature of roots in Qud. eqn )  00:36:03
Quadratic Equations class -6 (Rel.Betw Roots & Coff. &Symm Func. of roots )  00:25:59
Quadratic Equations class -7 (Formation of Quad &cond of Common roots)  00:24:21
Quadratic Equations class -8 (Application of a Quadratic Equn)  00:29:48
Complex Numbers - 1(Introduction & Integral part of i)  00:26:40 Preview
Complex Numbers - 2(Equality,Alzebric ope.,Modulas& Cojugate )  00:21:23
Complex Numbers - 3(Prop of Modulas & Practice Ques.)  00:14:36
Complex Numbers - 4(Find Value of Eqn & Reciprocal of no.)  00:23:24
Complex Numbers - 5(Square Root of Complex nos.)  00:20:36
Complex Numbers - 6(Geometrical Representaion of no.)  00:26:19
Complex Numbers - 7(Geometrical Represnt. Part-2)  00:25:09
Complex Numbers - 8(De-Moiver's Theorem)  00:22:57
Complex Numbers - 9(Cube Root of Unity)  00:12:41
Complex Numbers - 10(Propereties of Cube Roots Of Unity)  00:24:25
Complex Numbers - 11(n'th Root Of A Complex No.)  00:23:28
Complex Numbers - 12(Prob. of nth root & Cube root of Unity)  00:14:31
Complex numbers - 13(Geometry with Complex No )  00:20:48
Complex Numbers - 14(Geo. With Com.No.Part-2)  00:32:39
Complex Numbers - 15(Geo. With Com.No.Part-3)  00:16:29
Complex numbers - 16(Euler's Form of Complex No.)  00:27:06
04. Progressions And Series
PROGRESSION (A.P.)-1.(Concept of Nth Term & Practice Question)_C  00:26:36 Preview
PROGRESSION (A.P.)-2.(Concept of Sum Of Nth Term & Prac.Q.)_c  00:14:40
PROGRESSION (A.P.)-3(Some Divisibility problems)_c  00:27:00
PROGRESSION (AP)-4(Selec. Of Terms,A.M.&Prop of A.P.)_c  00:18:37
GEOMETRIC PROGRESSIONS (GP) -1(Nth Term Of GP&Selec. Of Terms)  00:19:44
GEOMETRIC PROGRESSIONS (GP) -2(Concept-Sum Of Terms Of GP)  00:13:03
GEOMETRIC PROGRESSIONS (GP) -3(Sum Of Infinite GP & Practice Ques)  00:15:30
Harmonic Progression_c  00:19:07
Some Special Series (Progressions) -1(Type-1 Sum of N terms of Special A.P.)  00:18:31
Some Special Series (Progressions) -2(Type-2 Sum of NTerms)  00:14:56
Some Special Series (Progressions) -3(Sum of Series By Method of Diffrence)  00:16:33
05. Binomial Theorem
Binomial Theorem for Any Index -10  00:29:15 Preview
Binomial Theorem new -1(Introduction, Finding No of term,Expanding of Term)  00:38:13
Binomial Theorem new -2(Concept of General Term)  00:31:37
Binomial Theorem new -3(Concept Of Middle Term)  00:09:45
Binomial Theorem new -4(Concept Of Finding Coffecient Of term)  00:30:34
Binomial Theorem new -5(prob.on Relating B.T.)  00:32:06
Binomial Theorem new -6(Concept Of Cosecutive Term)  00:38:18
Binomial Theorem new -7(Concept Of Greatest Term & Greatest Coff.)  00:21:22
Binomial Theorem new -8(Properties of B.T. Part -1)  00:20:58
Binomial Theorem new -9(Properties of B.T. Part -2)  00:22:32
06. Permutations And Combinations
Permutations 1(Fundamental Principle of Counting)  00:32:39 Preview
Permutations 2(Continue to Fundamental Principle of Counting & Some Practice Problems)  00:34:31
Permutations 3(Problem Based on 3,4.... Digit Nos.)  00:36:20
Permutations 4(Problem Based on Digits & Letters)  00:26:03
Permutations 5(Some Arrangements of Words& Diff types Probles)  00:38:09
Permutations 6(permutation of Object Not all Distinct & Repeat)  00:35:15
Permutations 7(Dictionary Problems)  00:39:59
Permutations 8(Circular Permutation)  00:16:14
Combinations 1(Introduction)  00:14:09
Combinations 2(Application of Combinations)  00:45:59
07. Coordinate Geometry
Rectangular Cartesian System class -1(Introduction)  00:13:40 Preview
Rectangular Cartesian System class -2(Uses of Distance Formula & Area of Triangle)  00:17:06
Rectangular Cartesian System class -3(Area of Triangle Continue & Area of Quadilateral)  00:15:04
Rectangular Cartesian System class -4(Area of Pentagon with questions & Collinear Concept  00:08:35
Rectangular Cartesian System class -5(Concept Of A Section Formula)  00:21:56
Rectangular Cartesian System class -6(Continue to Section Formula & Coordinates of Diffrent Centre Of A Triangle Part-1)  00:31:44
Rectangular Cartesian System class -7(Coordinates of Diffrent Centre Of A Triangle Part-2)  00:11:48
Locus and Equation to A Locus -1(Introduction)  00:26:26
Locus and Equation to A Locus -2(Practice Question Based Locus and Eqan to a Locus )  00:22:48
THE STRAIGHT LINES -1(Slope of a Line & Angle Between 2 Lines)  00:19:43
THE STRAIGHT LINES -2(Concept of Diffrent Form of Lines)  00:25:09
THE STRAIGHT LINES -3(Practice Problems Based on Diff form of Lines )  00:27:22
THE STRAIGHT LINES -4(Concept of Normal & Distance Form )  00:26:29
THE STRAIGHT LINES -5(Practice problem Based on Distance Form)  00:18:02
THE STRAIGHT LINES -6(Gen. Eqn of a line,Point of Intersection of 2 lines &Condition of Concurency)  00:25:10
THE STRAIGHT LINES -7(Angle Between 2 Straight Lines& Lns parr&per to a given ln)  00:22:37
THE STRAIGHT LINES -8(,Position of 2 pts rel. to a line& dist.of a pt fr a ln )  00:21:21
THE STRAIGHT LINES -9(cont.vd-8,Dist. bw.Parr lns& Family of lns)  00:15:21
Pair of Straight Line - 01  00:49:40
Pair of Straight Line - 02  00:14:36
Pair of Straight Line - 03  00:30:45
Pair of Straight Line - 04  00:11:10
Pair of Straight Line - 05  00:26:25
01. CIRCLE-(Introduction)  00:20:53
02. CIRCLE-(Find Gen Equation,Radius,Centre)  00:23:07
03. CIRCLE-(Equation of Circle Passing through 3 pionts Part-1)  00:08:43
04. CIRCLE-(Equation of Circle Passing through 3 pionts Part-2,)  00:19:00
05. CIRCLE-(Diameter Form Of A Circle)  00:26:40
06. CIRCLE-(Intercepets on a Axis & Parametric Form Of A Cicle)  00:19:54
07. CIRCLE-(Position of a Point,Maximum&Minimum Dist of a Point from the Circle)  00:31:26
08. CIRCLE-(Intersetion Of A Line & Circle)  00:15:12
09. CIRCLE-(Tangent & Normal to aCircle at a given Point)  00:28:49
10. CIRCLE-(Normal to a Circle)  00:22:13
11. CIRCLE-(Tangent from a point out side the circle)  00:49:00
12. CIRCLE-(Chord of Contact)  00:15:47
13. CIRCLE-(Different cases of two circles)  00:34:46
14. CIRCLE-(Angle of intersection of two circle)  00:20:49
15. CIRCLE-(Family of circle)  00:21:43
16. CIRCLE-(radical axis)  00:32:16
17. CIRCLE-(Pole and polar)  00:22:10
18. CIRCLE-(Properties of pole and polar, Director circle and its equation)  00:10:44
Conic Section -1(Introduction & general Equation of a Conic)  00:30:13
Conic Section -2(Practice Problems Of a Conic Section)  00:17:53
PARABOLA -1(Introduction&find eqn of parabola )  00:37:48
PARABOLA -2(Standard Form of parabola like. axix,directrix,focus,latus rectum.....)  00:35:08
PARABOLA -3(Practice Problems Based On Standard Parabola)  00:12:59
PARABOLA -4(Intersection Of Line & Parabola)  00:15:38
PARABOLA -5(Condition On Tangency & Normal)  00:25:19
PARABOLA -6(Position of Point parabola & Parametric Form of Parabola)  00:10:50
01. ELLIPSE (Introduction,Equation & Chart of Standard Form Of Ellipse)  00:24:39
02. ELLIPSE (Find Ecentricity,focus,L.R.,Diretrix,Length& Eqn of major&minor Axix.etc...... )  00:22:14
03. ELLIPSE (Position of a point with respect to an ellipse, Parametric Coordinates and Equation)  00:05:10
04. ELLIPSE( Intersection of a line and an Ellipse)  00:36:10
05. ELLIPSE( Auxiliary circle and Eccentric angle of a point)  00:06:29
Hyperbola -1(Introduction & Standarad Form of Hyperbola)  00:24:51
Hyperbola -2(Practice Problems Based On Genral & Standard Form of hyperbola)  00:13:08
Hyperbola 3 Rectangular or Equilateral hyperbola, Conjugate Hyperbola  00:05:21
Coordinate Geometry - 01  00:29:48
Coordinate Geometry - 02  00:21:11
Coordinate Geometry - 03  00:05:19
08. Trigonometry
Measurement Of Angles-1(Degree,Radian & Grade)  00:17:49 Preview
Measurement Of Angles-2(Practice Ques Degree,Radian & Grade)  00:09:04
Trigonometric Functions-1(Introduction & Practice question)  00:23:28
Trigonometric Functions-2(T-Ratio of Allied Angles & Ques.)  00:14:13
Trigonometric Functions-3(Trigonometric Identities)  00:14:51
Trigonometric Functions-4( Complement Angles)  00:22:31
Trigonometric Functions-5(Practice Q. Complement Ang)  00:15:22
Trigonometric Functions-6(Pract Q. Complement Ang part-2)  00:20:05
T-Ratio of Multiple & Submultiple Angles -1(Part-1)  00:26:19
T-Ratio of Multiple & Submultiple Angles -2(Part-2)  00:10:46
Transformation Formulae -1(Concepts & Practice Problems)  00:27:29
Trigonometric Ratios Of Comp.Ang.-1(Sum & Diff.of ang.)  00:12:37
Trigonometric Ratios Of Comp.Ang.-2(Pract. Q.Sum & Diff.of ang.)  00:13:35
Trigonometric Ratios Of Comp.Ang.-3(Max & Min values of Trig Exp)  00:25:20
Trigonometric Equations -1(Gen. Soln of Eqn Type-1,2,3)  00:38:24
Trigonometric Equations -2(Gen. Soln of Eqn Type-4,5,6)  00:20:40
Trigonometric Equations -3(Linear Trigno. Eqn.)  00:17:39
PROPERTIES OF TRIANGLES (Cosine Formula) -3  00:06:09
PROPERTIES OF TRIANGLES (Identites)-1  00:20:16
PROPERTIES OF TRIANGLES (Identities & Mix Problems) -4  00:19:04
PROPERTIES OF TRIANGLES (Sine formula) -2  00:12:45
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -2  00:22:36
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -3  00:25:07
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -4  00:25:44
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -5  00:21:17
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -6  00:22:05
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -7  00:11:03
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -8  00:20:51
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -9  00:21:07
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -10  00:13:55
Inverse Trigonometric Functions -11  00:17:30
Inverse Trigonometric Functions domain -1  00:18:41
09. Matrices
Matrices -1(Introduction,Equality& Types of matrices)  00:26:12 Preview
Matrices -2(Types of matr. & Addition,Subtraction&product of Matrices)  00:24:16
Matrices -3(Product & Properties Of Matrices)  00:27:40
Matrices -4(Multiplication,trace,Transpose & Conjugate of Matrices)  00:25:44
Matrices -5(Skew & Skew-symmetric Concept&its properties & Transpose of Matrices)  00:29:01
Matrices -6(Adjoint of Matrices)  00:22:11
Matrices -7(Concept of Matrices & its Properties & Some Special Matrices)  00:19:12
Matrices -8 Special types Matrices part-2  00:19:09
Matrices -9(Solutions of Linear Equations )  00:27:18
10. Determinants
DETERMINANTS 1(Introduction & Properties Of Determinants)  01:07:25 Preview
DETERMINANTS 2(Prop Of Det.& Min.& Cofactors & App. Of Det.)  01:07:07
DETERMINANTS 3(Prod. of Det.& Diff.Of Det. & Syst. Of Linear Equations)  00:54:44
11. Function
Function 1(Introduction, Mappings,& Types of Func. Part-1)  00:48:03 Preview
Function 2(Types of Functions Part-2)  00:36:46
Function 3(types of fun. Part-3 exponential,logrithmic& trignometric func)  00:55:28
Function 4(Types of fun.Part-4 tirgnometric & inverse trig. func)  00:48:58
Function 5(Types of functions Part-5)  00:50:28
Function 6(Types of func. Part-6 periodic) & (Diffrent Types of Func Mappings Part-1)  00:38:13
Function 7(Diffrent Types Of Mappings Part-2)  00:21:24
Function 8(Diffrent Types Of Mappings part-3)  00:42:05
Funtion 1 (Composition of Functions)-1  00:19:17
Funtion 2 (Composition of Real Functions) Part 2  00:30:06
Funtion 3 (Composition of Real Functions) Part 3  00:33:32
Funtion 4 (Inverse of an Element)  00:29:59
12. Limit
LIMIT -1(Evaluation of Left & Right Hand Limits)  00:12:49 Preview
LIMIT -2(Evaluation of Alzebric Limit-By Factorisation Method)  00:25:15
LIMIT -3(Evaluation of Alzebric Limit-By Rationalisation Method)  00:04:23
LIMIT -4(Evaluation of Alzebric Limits-By Expansion Formulas)  00:15:05
LIMIT -5( Alzebric Limit Using Stand Lts&Trignometric Lts)  00:12:54
LIMIT -6(Evaluation of Trignometric Limits Part-2)  00:18:14
LIMIT -7(Evaluation of Lts Indeterminant & Expansion forms)  00:10:06
13. Continuty & Differentibility
CONTINUTY -1  00:29:38 Preview
DIFFERENTIBILITY -1(Intoduction)  00:26:17
CONTINUTY and DIFFERENTIBILITY -1(Parctice Part-1)  00:20:44
CONTINUTY and DIFFERENTIBILITY -2(Parctice Part-2)  00:22:53
CONTINUTY and DIFFERENTIBILITY -3(Parctice Part-3)  00:07:42
14. Method of differentiation
Differentiation 1(First Principles)  00:17:43 Preview
Differentiation 1(Introduction & Product & Division Form)  00:35:25
Differentiation 2(Chain Rule &uses of Trignometric formulas. )  00:23:52
Differentiation 3(Log & Trigno. Inverse Functions)  00:24:49
Differentiation of A Functions With Respect To Another Function 5(Diff. of Parametric Functions)  00:14:39
Differentiation of A Functions With Respect To Another Function 6(Infinite Series)  00:20:22
Differentiation of A Functions With Respect To Another Function 7  00:22:37
Differentiation of Implicit Functions -1  00:16:06
Differentiation of Implicit Functions -2  00:12:37
Differentiation of inverse trigonometric functions -1  00:35:20
Differentiation of inverse trigonometric functions -2  00:34:55
Logarithmic Differentiation =4  00:40:37
Higher Order Derivatives -1  00:35:35
Higher Order Derivatives -2  00:18:15
15. Applications of Derivatives
Application of Derivatives - =1(Derivative of Rate Measure & Related Rates)  00:43:22 Preview
Application of Derivatives -2(Related Rates Continue-2)  00:16:17
Increasing and decreasing functions 1(Introduction & Concept of Monotonic & strictly function)  00:19:36
Increasing and decreasing functions 2(Polynomial Functions)  00:24:52
Increasing and decreasing functions 3(Trignometric functions)  00:40:19
Maxima and Minima -1  00:17:04
Maxima and Minima -2  00:17:25
Maxima and Minima -3  00:05:46
MAXIMA AND MINIMA- 4(Prob. of find Local Max&Min points Part-2)  00:18:57
MAXIMA AND MINIMA- 5(Problems of Maximum & Minimum Values Part-2)  00:16:19
MAXIMA AND MINIMA- 6(Word Problems Part-1 linear equation )  00:22:51
MAXIMA AND MINIMA- 7(Word Problems Part-2 Area,volume Surfaces )  00:21:17
MAXIMA AND MINIMA- 8(Word Problems Part-3 Area,volume Surfaces)  00:27:51
Lagranges Mean Values Theorem  00:17:09
Mean Values & Rolles Theorem  00:45:34
Tangent & normal - 01  00:19:27
Tangent & normal - 02  00:32:11
Tangent & normal - 03  00:15:58
Tangent & normal - 04  00:11:43
16. Indefinite Integral
Indefinite Integral 1(Introduction & Substitution Method Type-1)  00:28:37 Preview
Indefinite Integral 2(Type-2Concept &pract Ques. of Alzebric func.)  00:21:37
Indefinite Integral 3(Type-3Concept &Practice Ques of Trigno. Funct.Type-3)  00:32:28
Indefinite Integral 4(Prctice Ques Of substituion Method)  00:31:47
Indefinite Integral 5(Type-4 Concept & prac. Ques. Of based Binomial theorem )  00:28:39
Indefinite Integral 6(Type-5 Concept of trig. fun. power based ques)  00:27:41
Indefinite Integral 7(Type-6)  00:23:46
Indefinite Integral 8(Type-7 Denominator Alzebric function based Ques)  00:21:37
Indefinite Integral 9(Type-8)  00:31:55
Indefinite Integral 10(Type-9 Partial fraction based )  00:25:16
Indefinite Integral 11(Type-10 Partial Frac. Part 2)  00:28:42
Indefinite Integral 12(Type-11 Integration of the Form -1)  00:20:01
Indefinite Integral 13(Type-12 Integration By Parts)  00:20:34
Indefinite Integral 14(Practice problems inte. by parts)  00:30:23
Indefinite Integral 15(Type-13 integ. by parts part-2 & Proper& improper fraction based )  00:33:33
Indefinite Integral 16(Type-14Proper Frations Type-1 & 2)  00:32:54
Indefinite Integral 17(Type-15 Irreducible Quadratic form type-3)  00:27:34
Indefinite Integral 18(Type-16 Miscelleneous Problem-1)  00:20:21
Indefinite Integral 19(Type-17 Miscelleneous Problem-2)  00:21:05
Indefinite Integral 20(Type-18 Miscelleneous Problem-3)  00:18:08
17. definite Integrals
01 definite Integrals Introduction  00:17:52 Preview
02 definite Integrals by subtitution  00:14:57
03 definite Integrals by subtitution + properties of definite Integrals-1  00:17:50
04 properties of definite Integrals -2  00:14:03
05 properties of definite Integrals -3  00:06:59
06 properties of definite Integrals -4  00:16:51
07 properties of definite Integrals -5  00:15:49
08 properties of definite Integrals -6  00:15:59
09 properties of definite Integrals -7  00:20:36
10 properties of definite Integrals -8  00:17:05
11 properties of definite Integrals -9  00:19:31
12 definite Integrals  00:16:06
13 definite Integrals  00:18:07
14 definite Integrals  00:19:44
15 definite Integrals  00:10:15
16 definite Integrals  00:15:45
17 definite Integrals  00:11:54
Definite Integrals practice questions -1  00:17:59
Definite Integrals practice questions -2  00:15:59
18. Areas of Bounded Regions
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -1  00:17:41 Preview
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -2  00:17:51
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -3  00:12:22
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -4  00:14:21
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -5  00:17:57
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -6  00:14:29
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -7  00:18:01
Areas of Bounded Regions definite Integrals -8  00:05:03
19. Differential Equation (D.E)
01. Differential Equations-1 Formations of D.E with Trick  00:10:52 Preview
Differential Equation (D.E) -1(Introduction & Solu. Of D.E.)  00:22:12
Differential Equation (D.E) -2(Type-1 D.E. of the First Order)  00:19:18
Differential Equation (D.E) -3(Type-2 Method Of Variable Seprations)  00:19:58
Differential Equation (D.E) -4(Practice Ques. Of type 2)  00:11:59
Differential Equation (D.E) -5(Type-3 Equ. Reducible to Variable Sepration)  00:16:48
Differential Equation (D.E) -6(Type-4 Homogenous.D.E.)  00:24:31
Differential Equation (D.E) -7(Type-5 Linear D.E)  00:29:03
Differential Equations-2 Solutions of Differential equations  00:05;22
Linear Differential Equations ( Without using pen with short trick )-1  00:16:58
20. Vector Algebra
VECTOR ALGEBRA -1(Introduction,Types of Vector & Operations On Vector)  00:21:17 Preview
VECTOR ALGEBRA -2(Addition,sutraction & Position of vector, Concept of Section Formula & Diagram based ques.  00:25:48
VECTOR ALGEBRA -3(Based on Geometrical problems)  00:19:21
VECTOR ALGEBRA -4(Concept of Projection,Direction Cosines(2D),Collenear concept)  00:24:22
VECTOR ALGEBRA -5(Concept of Linear Combinations-(Dependent & indp))  00:20:30
PRODUCT OF TWO VECTORS -1(Scalar Product ,Geometrical interpretation & prod. of 2 vectors)  00:19:18
PRODUCT OF TWO VECTORS -2(Product of Two vectors & Properties of Scalar Product)  00:19:59
PRODUCT OF TWO VECTORS -3(Concept of Cauchy-Schawarz Inequality & practice ques.)  00:13:08
DOT PRODUCT -1(Geometrical Based Problems Part-1)  00:21:13
DOT PRODUCT -2 (Geometrical Based Problems Part-2)  00:13:33
VECTOR OR CROSS PRODUCT -1(Introduction & Properties of Vector Product)  00:19:11
VECTOR OR CROSS PRODUCT -2(Concept of Unit Vector & Problem Based on Geometrical Figure)  00:20:13
VECTOR OR CROSS PRODUCT -4(Application of Cross Poduct of Geomtrical Problems & Mechanics)  00:27:37
Reciprocal System of Vectors -1  00:07:43
Concept of Vector Triple Product-3  00:14:55
Scalar Triple Product -1(Introduction & Geometrical interpretation of Triple Product)  00:19:46
Scalar Triple Product -2(Properties of Scalar Product)  00:18:40
21. Three dimensional Geometry
Three Dimensional Geometry (3D) -1(Introduction & Distance Formula)  00:14:50 Preview
Three Dimensional Geometry (3D) -2(Dist. For. cont.& Section Formula)  00:17:34
Three Dimensional Geometry (3D) -3(Cont. to Sec. For.& Cetroid Of a triangel )  00:19:03
Three Dimensional Geometry (3D) -4(Direc. Cosine & ratio.& Angle betw 2 Vectors whose Dir. ratio is given)  00:24:43
Three Dimensional Geometry (3D) -5(Foot Of per.& Angle Bet Lines Whose Dire. Cosine Is given)  00:17:06
Straight Line In Space (3D) -1(Vector & Cartesian Equations Of Line )  00:20:12
Straight Line In Space (3D) -2(Cart.Eq.Cont.& Angle Betw Lines& Parallel. & perp. Lines)  00:22:56
Straight Line In Space (3D) -3(Ang btw lines Cont.& Intersection Of Lines )  00:19:04
Straight Line In Space (3D) -4(Inters. Of lines cont. & Perpend. Dist.Of a Line From a point)  00:18:32
Straight Line In Space (3D) -5(Reflection of a Point & Shortest Dist. of Lines)  00:17:20
The PLANE (3D)- 1(Introd.& Equa. of a Normal form & Vector Equation Of a Plane)  00:22:01
The PLANE (3D)- 2(Vect. Equ.& Equ. of a Plane pass.thro. 3 points)  00:19:09
The PLANE (3D)- 3(Intercept Of a pla.& Ang. betw. of two planes)  00:27:14
The PLANE (3D)- 4(Equ. of a pla. pass.thro.the Inters. of 2 planes )  00:20:10
The PLANE (3D)- 5(Distance of a point from a plane & parallel plans)  00:21:04
The PLANE (3D)- 6( Line & Plane)  00:25:48
The PLANE (3D)- 7(Practice Quest. of Plane )  00:07:33
22. Probability
01. Probability introduction  00:10:01 Preview
02. Probability(Concept of Coin)  00:20:42
03. Probability(Concept of Dice)  00:17:28
04. Probability(Concept of Leap & non Leap Year)  00:08:31
05. Probability(Problems on Numbers)  00:14:52
06. Probability(Concept of Playing Cards Part-1)  00:15:33
07. Probability(Problem on PLAYING CARD part-2 with Short-Trick (2)  00:22:44
08. Probability(Concept of Independent Events)  00:23:48
09. Probability(Concept of Conditional Probability)  00:22:13
10. Probability(Concept of Odd in Favour & Against)  00:07:49
11. Probability(Concept of Bayes theorem)  00:23:34
12. Probability(Concept of Binomial Distribution)  00:06:29
23. Mean And Variance Of A Random Variable
Mean And Variance Of A Random Variable -1  00:25:46 Preview
Mean And Variance Of A Random Variable -2  00:17:31
24. Statistics
STATISTICS ( Dispersion,.S.D & Variance )  00:50:17 Preview
25. Linear Programing
Linear Programing- 1(Introduction & Graph Of Inequations)  00:20:40 Preview
Linear Programing- 2(Practice Questions of L.P.P.)  00:24:49
Linear Programing- 3(Word Problems Of L.P.P)  00:34:15
26. Inequations
INEQUATIONS -1(Introduction)  00:36:02 Preview
INEQUATIONS -2 ( The Solutions Of Inequations )  00:10:10
INEQUATIONS -1  00:39:30
INEQUATIONS -2  00:11:57
INEQUATIONS -3  00:26:25
27. Mathematical Induction
Mathematical Induction (NCERT)  00:48:35 Preview
Mathematical Induction  00:09:02
28. exponential and logarithm
Concept of logarithm and exponential  00:28:04 Preview
Exponential Series -1  00:25:15
Exponential Series -2  00:23:57
Exponential Series -3  00:22:06
Exponential Series -4  00:19:12
Exponential Series -5  00:16:05
Exponential Series -6  00:14:58
Logarithmic Series-1 Concept of log series & properties of log with trick  00:28:04
Logarithmic Series-2 Concept of log series & Question solving approach  00:31:08
Class XI - IIT Main Previous Year Paper Solution Topic Wise (1979-2018)
01. Inequalities, Modulus and Logarithm
02. Quadratic Equations
03. Complex Number
04. Progression
05. Binomial Theorem
06. Permutation and Combination
07. Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
08. Trigonometric Equations
09. Properties and Solutions of Triangle
10. Coordinate System
11. straight lines
12. Circles
13. Conic Section
14. Parabola
15. Ellips
16. Hyperbola
17. Statistics
Class XII - IIT Main Previous Year Paper Solution Topic Wise (2002-2018)
01. Inverse Trigonometric Function
02. Matrices
03. Determinants
04. Probability
05. Functions
06. Limits
07. Continuty and Differentibility
08. Differentiation (IIT-JEE)
09. Applications of Derivatives
10. Maxima and Minima
11. Indefinite Integration
12. Definite Integral
13. Area
14. Differential Equations
15. Vectors
16. Three Dimensional Geometry (3D)
Class XI - IIT Advanced Previous Year Paper Solution Topic Wise (2002-2018)
01. Inequalities, Modulus and Logarithm
02. Quadratic Equation
03. Complex Numbers
04. Progressions and Series
05. Binomial Theorem
06. Permutation and Combination
07. Trigonometric Ratios
08. Trigonometric Equations
09. Properties of Triangle
10. Coordinate System
11. Straight Line
12. Circles
13. Parabola
14. Ellipse
15. Hyperbola
Class XII - IIT Advanced Previous Year Paper Solution Topic Wise (1979-2018)
01. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
02. Matrices
03. Determinants
04. Probability
05. Function
06. Limits
07. Continuity and Differentiability
08. Differentiation
09. Applications of Derivatives
10. Maxima and Minima
11. Indefinite Integration
12. Definite Integration
13. Area
14. Differential Equation
15. Vector
16. Three Dimensional Geometry

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